The International Association on Public and Nonprofit Marketing is a promising community of academics and professionals with members al around the world. If you are an academic or a professional in marketing or other related disciplines devoting your efforts to public and/or nonprofit issues, as well as in case you have a passion for contributing to a more responsible and sustainable model of socioeconomic development, IAPNM facilitates you the exchange of knowledge through organized events, publications and networking opportunities, providing global connections worldwide and fostering a culture of responsibility and sustainability.


Why should I join IAPNM?

How much does it cost to join IAPNM?

Where can I get a IAPNM membership form?


Why should I join IAPNM?


Ÿ …you will become part of one of the most dynamic global networks of academics and professionals

Ÿ …you will be invited to attend the IAPNM events and enjoy their unique atmosphere combining rigorous work and closeness to reputed colleagues

Ÿ …you will receive free on-line access to the full contents of the International Review on Profit and Nonprofit Marketing (IRPNM), the official IAPNM publication

Ÿ …you will receive alerts on new IRPNM issues as well as on new issues of other publications supported by IAPNM

Ÿ …you will have exclusive access to the «For IAPNM Members Only» area of the IAPNM website, including IAPNM membership directory, IAPNM annual membership certificate and printable art IAPNM logo

Ÿ …you will be entitled to make announcements such as research collaboration searches, job offers, information on events, etc. through IAPNM social networks

Ÿ …you will be entitled to apply for IAPNM support and use of IAPNM logo in your activities dealing with the Association’s interest topics

Ÿ …you will be encouraged to join collaborative research and teaching proposals and publishing projects dealing with the public, nonprofit, responsibility and sustainability fields

Ÿ …and you will be encouraged to make friends and enjoy your IAPNM membership at any time!!!


How much does it cost to join IAPNM?

Annual IAPNM Membership fee: 60 €

For those IAPNM International Congress attendees, this amount will be included as part of the Congress fee.

What should I do to become an IAPNM member?

You have made a great decision to join the IAPNM community!!! The IAPNM will contribute to provide you with the adequate people and resources you need to succeed in your career.

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